New Nine Elms Park brand unveiled

Nine Elms Park -

The masterplan for the former Royal Mail mail centre site is about park life.

With seven residential-led plots around c. 4.2 acres of the area-wide linear park that stretches from Vauxhall to Battersea, the development offers a front door into the park for up to 1,950 units. The landscaped spaces are supported with a school, shops, community, sports and cultural facilities on site, ingredients for cultivating a real, lived-in community.

“The Nine Elms Park brand captures exactly what the development is intended to provide – a green setting for residents and community to enjoy the park in their own way,” says Richard Hollingworth of M3 Consulting, development manager for the site. “It’s about making everyday demands like commuting, school drop offs and picking up groceries much easier and more enjoyable, and creating the opportunities for people to relax and get to know their neighbours incidentally and through organised activities.”

With the buildings to be delivered with development partners, the branding strategy invites individual identities for each plot.

“Diversity in residential offers and tenures is a good thing for building communities. Each development partner should be able to put a stamp on a high quality product,” Richard explains. “The key element that brings them together is that they are all in Nine Elms Park.”

The Nine Elms Park brand is being rolled out in April 2018.