Nine Elms Park - PARK BASIN
Nine Elms Park - PARK BASIN

The Park Basin is a place for the neighbourhood to come together. Sports of all kinds take place on the lawns, concerts and musical performances fill the air, while shops, eateries and hang-out areas frame the space. For days of enjoyment – whether participating or just watching.

Nine Elms Park -

Nine Elms Park - GATHER

Designed as a focal point for communal and cultural activities, the Park Basin is a place to gather, hang out and be entertained. Relax on the step seating or lunch al fresco to soak in the atmosphere.

Nine Elms Park - Run
Nine Elms Park - Run

The open lawn area has room for numerous activities and sports. It also plays host to school events like sports day and organised friendlies.

Nine Elms Park - ENJOY

Keep an eye on the action in the basin. Cradled with steps and seating, the space features a performance area that is flexible enough for outdoor films, music performances and even festivals.