Nine Elms Park - Nine Elms Rain Garden
Nine Elms Rain Garden
Nine Elms Park - Nine Elms Rain Garden

An intimate, densely-planted space, Nine Elms Rain Garden changes colour and texture throughout the year as the seasons change. The planting is not just for show: this area is a basin for heavy rainfall come autumn and spring. For the rest of the time, it is a quiet, natural spot to sit quietly and enjoy lush natural surroundings.

Nine Elms Park - Divert

For residents on the way to and from work, the wooden walkways that cut through this area introduce a scenic diversion to and from the buses and Underground.

Nine Elms Park - OBSERVE

The multi-seasonal planting of the rain garden means there is always something to see here for those who are willing to look. The vibrant mix of plants and trees provide changing colours and interesting insects all year round.

Nine Elms Park - ESCAPE
Nine Elms Park - ESCAPE

This area provides the perfect foil to the adjacent Park Basin. The intimate setting and interesting planting give sanctuary to anyone looking for a quiet moment after a busy day in the city.